What clients typically work with you?

Mr. Clayton generally focuses on representing investors and others involved in business, trust and estate disputes.

Why do these clients need legal services?

Diverse reasons. Many financial institutions, brokerage houses, and other large companies neglect or purposely disregard the interests of investors, consumers, and business owners.

Will Mr. Clayton be able to take my case through trial or arbitration, if necessary?

Yes. Mr. Clayton has handled literally hundreds of investment and business cases in both arbitration and in court over three decades. He can quickly assess the strengths and weakness of these cases.

How much do legal services cost?

Mr. Clayton and Mr. Graham represent clients on different bases, depending on the nature, size, and circumstances of the case. We are compensated on hourly, contingency, and on part hourly/part contingency bases.

Can Mr. Clayton also help with mediation?

Yes. Mr. Clayton is a Circuit Court Civil mediator, certified by the Florida Supreme Court. He has extensive experience in commercial and securities litigation and arbitration. He can also help with resolving business disputes and other civil disputes.

Does Mr. Clayton work with other attorneys and law firms?

Yes. Mr. Clayton is often asked by other attorneys and law firms to serve as co-counsel on complicated securities cases, due to his unique and exemplary credentials.

What does it mean that Drew Clayton holds an “AV” rating from the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory?

The “AV” rating, the highest that Martindale-Hubbell provides, reflects the opinions of Mr. Clayton’s legal peers and the judiciary. It indicates that he is viewed by his fellow lawyers and judges as having a high level of legal skill and ethics.

How can I get in touch with Drew Clayton and Worth Graham?

Connect with the team through our website’s contact form or call (941) 366-8100 for a consultation.