Mediation has proven to be one of the most effective means of alternative dispute resolution. In a mediation session, a neutral third party (the mediator) can help parties and their lawyers resolve a dispute — usually in a very cost-effective manner — by helping them examine the strengths and weaknesses of their cases and proposing creative methods to resolve the legal problem at hand.

Advantages of Mediation

In mediation, the parties decide how the dispute will be resolved and have flexibility in terms of resolution that simply isn’t available to judges, juries and arbitrators. Moreover, by deciding their own fate, the parties can avoid the inherent uncertainty of leaving that decision in the hands of a judge, jury, or arbitration panel. All mediation discussions are considered confidential and cannot be used by any party to the dispute in the event the case does not settle.

Extensive Experience and Qualifications

Drew Clayton has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Civil Mediator since 2001. His extensive experience in multi-million dollar securities, commercial and probate litigation and arbitration — and the mediation of those disputes — has provided him with a perspective that is very valuable in his work as a mediator. If you would like to consider using Mr. Clayton’s services, please contact our office for more information.